Craftsmanship Meets Ultimate Bedroom Luxury

Experience Unparalleled Comfort

Experience Unparalleled Comfort

At Mazon, we believe that true luxury is found in the details.

Crafted in New Zealand

Crafted in New Zealand

Natural beauty is a constant source of inspiration for us.

Pillows for Dreamy Nights, Bed Bases for Solid Support

Pillows for Dreamy Nights, Bed Bases for Solid Support

A good night’s sleep is essential for a productive and healthy life.

Customise Your Comfort

We understand that everyone has unique preferences when it comes to comfort. That's why we offer a range of customisation options, from choosing the perfect mattress firmness to selecting the ideal cushion fill. Your comfort, your way.

Craft your own


Handcrafted luxury, New Zealand’s finest home comforts.

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Made in New Zealand: Quality evident in every stitch.


Luxury Redefined: Handcrafted products epitomising luxury.


Sustainability: Environmentally conscious with minimised carbon footprint.


Personalised Comfort: Customised options for your needs.


Customer-Centric Service: Seamless, enjoyable shopping experience.

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